we need to see the divine stream and keep ourselves in the unique flow of God today!

we need to see the divine stream and keep ourselves in the unique flow of God today! [picture source: water at the Scottish Border]In the entire Bible there is only one divine stream, one divine flow of life, which flows from Genesis to Revelation. This flow is from the throne of God and of the Lamb (Rev. 22:1) and flows into the human history in the Lord Jesus who released the flow through His death, then the flow was with the apostles (see the book of Acts). This flow reaches us and all our service, prayer, singing, enjoyment, speaking, etc is in this river! We need to see the unique divine stream and keep ourselves in the unique flow of the divine life today!

The unique flow of God – One Stream

God is One, and the work He does in man is one – there is only One Divine Stream, One flow of the divine life. This flow issues from the throne of God – for us to be in the flow, we need to live under the throne. This stream is the fellowship of the Body of Christ – it flows as life in the Body. When we see this divine stream, we will drop everything to be in it. It is a special mercy of the Lord to drop what we may have even of the Lord and just join ourselves to the flow – enter the divine stream in this age! Lord, keep me in this flow all the days of my life until eternity!

Everything is the divine stream

Everything that God is and has done is in the divine stream. The flowing Triune God is in the divine stream, and so is God Himself, the reality, the move of the Lord, the Body of Christ, the work in the Body, etc. If we are in the stream absolutely, we have everything; apart from the flow, we have nothing! When God comes to us, He comes as a river, as a flow – when the flow is gone, God is no longer real to us! Our God is a flowing God – He is flowing right now, but if the flowing stops, God is gone!

Paul and Barnabas started to serve the Lord together and preached the gospel together, but at one point Barnabas had a sharp contention with Paul about Barnabas’ cousin Mark (Acts 15:39), and so he left. From then on, the book of Acts doesn’t mention Barnabas anymore – the flow stays with Paul. Barnabas as an older and more mature brother brought Paul in, but he himself did not remain in the divine flow. We praise the Lord we are in the Lord’s recovery, but we need to be careful: brother T. Austin Sparks felt clearly that he lost the flow after his second visit to Taipei, when he attacked the ground of the church and fostered a rebellion. We need to be careful to not get out of the flow nor offend or criticize the divine stream today!

The divine flow is not a movement

Is all this a movement? Is this “divine stream” something of man, an organized movement to which we can adhere? A movement is, according to the dictionary, the organised activity of a group of persons that have a common goal. Even in the Lord’s recovery, here and there, there may be a movement. But the divine stream, the unique flow of life in this age, is NOT a movement. This really touched me: “Not everything that we do among the churches in the Lord’s recovery is something in the flow. It is possible to have activities, works, that are NOT in the divine stream!” (R.K.)

Whenever we do things without the Head and without the Body as the reality, we are in a movement. We may get some people to follow us and do something good for the Lord – but if we initiate things and do things without the Head and without the fellowship of the Body (Col. 2:19), we may be in a movement of man outside of the divine stream. If there’s no prayer, no fellowship, no Body of Christ, then there’s no flow, no divine stream! “Lord, please spare Your recovery from any other movement! We have had enough – we need vital activity, we need a vigorous vibrant work, but not in the way of a movement!” (R.K.)

Keeping ourselves in the flow

On the one hand, we need to pray desperately to the Lord that, as we grow in the divine life and get constituted with the truth, we would remain and have our whole being in the flow, in the divine stream. On the other hand, we ourselves need to keep ourselves in the flow. We need to see that today there is a river, a stream, a fellowship, one work, that the Lord is doing. We need to honor the throne and learn to live under the Lord’s direct rule in the kingdom of the Son of His love. We need to learn to have fellowship. Stop and fellowship – put your view / feeling forward and lay it aside if not chosen!

How deep is the river in you? How deep are you in the divine stream? Are you up to your ankles in the flow in your experience? If you can still do whatever you want to do in the flow then you are shallow in the flow. There needs to be the measuring, the increase of the level of water, until you swim in it and are carried along by it! We need to be fully immersed in the river – just like Paul was carried along by the divine stream until he reached Europe (Acts 2:19-20) and preached the gospel there. The Lord today is moving as a river proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb, and He is flowing within us and through us!

[sharing inspired very much from our brother Ron Kangas’ speaking in the last message in the recent training on the Crystallization-Study of the Psalms(1); read more about it in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization-Study of Psalms (1); you can get the morning revival book online or become a fan on Facebook for more updates. Picture source: flowing stream, Scottish borders. Intro: seeing the one divine stream.]

Lord Jesus, be merciful and gracious to us that we may see the flow! Grant us that we may stay in the unique flow of life and even be immersed in this flow until our King comes and we come with Him to reign with Him as He recovers the earth by watering and flowing! Lord, keep us in the flow, and even deepen the flow of life in us! May nothing distract us from the flow – not even positive and good tihngs! Lord, release the flow of the river of life on the earth as never before! May Your flow spread all over the earth!

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