“You are My Son; today I have begotten You” – Christ was begotten to be the Firstborn Son of God!

"You are My Son; today I have begotten You" - Christ was begotten to be the Firstborn Son of God! [picture credit: Deepcut, Incendiary Dusk]According to Psalm 2:7-9, in His resurrection Christ was begotten by God to be His Son who inherits all the nations and possessess the whole earth! These verses are crucial in our Christian life, since they prophesy about a great truth concerning Christ’s divinity, His humanity, and God’s economy as revealed in the second Psalm,

I will recount the decree of Jehovah; He said to Me: You are My Son; today I have begotten You. Ask of Me, and I will give the nations as Your inheritance and the limits of the earth as Your possession. You will break them with an iron rod; You will shatter them like a potter’s vessel.

The Lord Jesus was already the Son of God – but He was the Only Begotten Son of God in His divinity(John 3:16). When He became a man, Christ put on the element of humanity, and in His humanity Christ was not yet the Son of God. But in His resurrection – “today I have begotten You” – Christ brought His humanity into His divinity and was begotten by God in His humanity to be the Son of God(Acts 13:33).

We see this clearly in Rom. 1:3-4 – through His resurrection Christ brought His humanity into the divine sonship and was designated the Son of God with His humanity! This fulfills God’s purpose in creating man and God’s desire in having a corporate man as His expression – this One who is both God and man receives the authority to rule over the nations and to have them as His inheritance and possession!

Christ as the Firstborn Son of God in His resurrection is the first of many brothers – we were all regenerated in His resurrection to be the many brothers of Christ and the many sons of God(1 Pet. 1:3). The Lord’s resurrection was a “mass delivery” of the Lord Jesus as the Firstborn and all the believers as the many sons. Through Christ and the many sons of God, the purpose of God can be accomplished! God can be expressed on the earth and He can have dominion over the earth through Christ and the many sons!

Just like the Lord Jesus, we are now in the process of having our whole being saturated with the divine life and the divine nature. We are human beings with the human nature – which has nothing to do with the divine nature. But through our regeneration we have received the divine life. Now day by day as we enjoy the Lord, fellowship with Him, turn our heart to the Lord, and exercise our spirit – this divine life spreads even into our soul to fill every part of our inner being with life.

This is the process of transformation, where our mind is being renewed, our emotions are being adjusted, and our will is being subdued and made flexible – we are being brought further in the process of our sonship. We have been regenerated, we are being transformed, and eventually even our body is being transfigured to be conformed to the glorious image of Christ – this is the process of sonship, where we become in full sons of God with the divine life saturating and filling even our human nature! The process of our sonship passes through our regeneration and transformation to our glorification!

Even as He is we will be – He became a man and brought His humanity into divinity, and it is the same with us – we were born as human beings, re-born as God-men, and now we have our humanity being brought into divinity! One day even our physical body will be filled with the divine life and saturated with the divine nature!

This all started on the day of the Lord’s resurrection – when the Lord Jesus was begotten as the Firstborn Son of God and was given dominion and authority! Praise the Lord for the day of His resurrection! [sharing inspired from the life-study of Psalms(by Witness Lee), as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization Study of the Psalms – become a fan on Facebook for more updates, or read more portions on the Crystallization of Psalms. Intro: Christ is the Firstborn Son of God; picture credit: Incendiary Dusk]

Thank You Lord Jesus! Thank You for Your resurrection! You become the Firstborn Son of God and we were begotten also to be the many sons of God! Praise You, Lord, for the divine life in us! Fill us with Your life, saturate us with Your life, and increase in us – in all our being! Lord, fully sonnize us to be the sons of God in full – expressing You and representing You as the Body of Christ on the whole earth! Accomplish Your economy in us, Lord, by taking us on in the process of sonship!

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