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    The Lord is the Spirit, and we have to contact Him by praying in our spirit. He is the life-giving Spirit indwelling our spirit, so we have to exercise our spirit to pray. In our spirit there is another Spirit praying. Our spirit is the outer wheel, and the divine Spirit in our spirit praying is the inner wheel. While we are praying by exercising our spirit, there is another One praying within our spirit, another Spirit. This Spirit is the life-giving Spirit, Christ Himself. The wheel within the wheel in Ezekiel 1 typifies the divine Spirit in our human spirit.

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    The wheel within the wheel in Ezekiel 1 typifies the divine Spirit in our human spirit. Great revelation!

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    Oh Lord Jesus, open to us the secret of prayer in order to fully cooperate with you Lord and to work together with You. Cause us to be one with You Lord, one in spirit, mind, will and emotions. Make our hearts a duplicate of Your heart, Your desires and Your prayer stratagems to turn the age. Lord make us those who are fully surrendered and submissive to You in all things and matters. Oh Lord Jesus, we desire only what You desire Lord and no longer look unto ourselves, we only look unto You Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus accomplish Your purpose on the earth today.

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    We do not know how to pray, but thank God that in this matter of our weakness He JOINS IN to help us and intercede for us! In light of this, John 15:7 has become my enjoyment and guide with regards to prayer. When His words abide in us, we can ask whatever we will and it shall be done for us. Why is this? Here we see the real prayer: the prayer involving two parties – the Holy Spirit and our spirit. In John 15:7, the Greek word for ‘words’ in John 15:7 and 6:63 is rhema, meaning the instant and present spoken word. It is the living Lord’s instant and present speaking within us, in our mingled spirit. In John 6:63 the words of the Lord are the embodiment of the Spirit of life. The Lord is now the Spirit, and we have to contact Him by exercising our spirit (John 4:24).

    When we exercise our spirit to pray, we get the Spirit, His ‘words’. Then we experience the divine Spirit praying in our spirit, the inner wheel within the outer wheel. The Spirit is living and real, yet He is very mysterious, intangible, and difficult for people to apprehend; the words, however are substantial. We know that Christ is praying within us while we are praying because of a taste within. The more we pray with Christ’s prayer, the more we are refreshed, watered, anointed, and strengthened. The result is that we will certainly cooperate with God, work together with God, and allow God to express Himself and His desire from within us and through us, ultimately accomplishing God’s purpose.

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    Real prayers are the Holy Spirit within man expressing God's desire through man! The more we pray with Christ's prayer, the more we are refreshed, the more we are watered, the more we are annointed, and the more we are strengthened! If we are such praying ones, consequently, we will certainly cooperate with God, work together with God, and allow God to express Himself and His desire from within him and through him, ultimately accomplishing God's purpose.

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    James 5:17 Elijah was a man of like feeling with us, & he earnestly prayed that it would not rain; & it did not rain on the earth for 3 years & 6 months.

    John 15:7 If you abide in Me & My words abide in you, ask whatever you will, & it shall be done for you.

    ‘The wheel within the wheel in Ezekiel 1 typifies the divine Spirit in our human spirit…the Spirit Himself joins in to help us & intercede for us with groanings which cannot be uttered…Rom 8:27 There is a clause which says, “The Spirit…intercedes…according to God”…This means the Holy Spirit prays in us according to God.’

    Oh Lord, may we excel in our prayer life to reach the real prayer that is required in the Bible in order to accomplish Your purpose!


  • Annie

    Real prayer will cause our being to be wholly mingled with God. Consequently, we not only coooperate with God but also work together with God that God Himself and His desire may may be expressed through us, thus ultimately accomplishing God's purpose.

  • Katherine Ko

    We need to be one with the Lord to pray for the move of the great wheel of the divine economy. In GENUINE prayer, the praying one COOPERATE with God, WORKS together with God, and ALLOWS God to EXPRESS Himself and His DESIRE from with him and through him, ultimately ACCOMPLISHING God’s purpose.

    Our God is the Lord, (our boss), and we are His co-laborer. We must not open our mouth hastily when we come before Him… This morning I was reminded that God came to Abraham because He needed an intercessor. The church today is His intercessor, praying proper prayers to move the great wheel of divine economy. The more we practice to pray properly in our personal prayer life, the stronger and effective the church prayer will be. In ourselves, we do not know how to pray, what to pray, but there is a praying One within us. He (the Spirit) will join in to help us in our weakness. He knows how to pray according to God. We simply obey/follow His leading and utter the Spirit’s praying to God. After this kind of prayer, we are refreshed, water, anointed, strengthened and mingled with God. Also, we must live a life that’s matching to our prayer life by abiding in Him and letting His words abiding in us and when we ask, and it shall be done for us (John 15:7).

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    I like the point that says, " The Spirit with our spirit knows how to pray: we only need to touch our spirit, exercise our spirit, and abide in the Lord! The Spirit in our spirit will then pray, and His prayer in us will express God’s intention, becoming the prayer that God needs to move His hand and accomplish what He desires!"

    May all us be helped to practically discern the Spirit with our spirit in our prayer such that we simply echo His prayer allowing Him to pray in us prayers that express God's intention.

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    oh LORD JESUS we really accept that we don't how to pray, but we thank You for having You in our spirit that we may able to pray.

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    Oh Lord Jesus! Praise you Lord for showing us and causing us to pray genuine prayer that touches your heart's desire…As we become the same as Christ in life nature, expression and function we are qualified to work with Him for His Body….And our prayer is COME LORD JESUS!

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