what happens today in the world is NOT normal: we need the Lord to open our eyes!(2011 Poland camp)

Satan wants to blind us that we may lose any sense of morality and shame...(2011 Poland camp)In the recent Poland Camp I was very touched by the message about the crucifixion of Christ. His disciples ran away, and it seems that even the Father has left Him alone… He was surrounded with people who scoffed at Him and mocked Him. Jesus suffered all of it, all this pain. Even though He could have avoided all this, He humbly received it. He redeemed us from our sins with His precious blood. When I am offended and my feelings hurt I recall how much Jesus suffered on the cross and I realize that my pain is nothing compare what He passed through.

Also I was very touched that we can be a Pharaoh to ourselves. Sometimes instead of praying or fellowshipping with the Lord, we waste our time on the computer or watching TV, or we go outside with our friends. We replace Christ with other things. But we shouldn’t do it. The Lord should be the most important for us. He should be number 1 in our life. [sharing from Kristina V(RU) from her top enjoyment in the recent Poland Camp]

What touched me very much was the portion in Genesis 19 about Lot and the two angels. Lot lived in the city of sin – Sodom. When the two angels came to Lot, he was sitting in the gate of Sodom. Then the Bible says that the men of Sodom surrounded the house because they wanted to “know” the two angels… but Lot preferred to give them his two virgin daughters. That shows us that Lot, having dwelt a considerable time in the sinful city of Sodom, had lost his sense of morality and shame. It is the same nowadays – what Satan wants today is to blind us so that we could lose the sense of morality and shame, so that we would not have a fear of God! Satan wants us to dwell in the world so that our conscience will have no function and we would accept worldly things as normal, and then the Lord will be offended. May the Lord show us that everything in the world is not normal but that the world is full darkness and death! We must pray so the Lord can open our eyes! Lot had not willingness to escape from the evil, but God was merciful!!! Praise the Lord that HE can make us go out from the world as He did with Lot!!! [sharing by sister Maria L(BEL) from her topmost enjoyment as a serving one in the recent European Young People’s conference in Poland – become a fan on Facebook for more updates and sharings] 

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  1. Susan Quigley says:

    Amen! May we be those WILLING to forsake the world completely!

  2. igor Savinkin says:

    Thank you for the posting those sharings. We need the burning young people living unto God and His purpose. May you be the antiitestimony to this crooked world.