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    In this universe, with the wheel of God’s move, God’s activity, there is the need of the church as the rim to match Christ as the hub. When we have Christ as the center and the church as the rim, we will have the wheel of God moving all the time. One may have the strongest and the most beautiful hub, but if there is no rim, there is no wheel. Let us pray for God’s move today. God needs to move on. With the divine move, there is the need of a hub, which is Christ Himself, and there is also the need of a rim, which is the church. If you have both the hub and the rim, then you have a wheel rolling on for God’s move on the earth. May the Lord be merciful to us that we may see these things in a complete way. Christ is the hub, and the church is the rim. (The Life and Way for the Practice of the Church Life, pp. 15-16)

  • Tara Wellesley


    Eze 1:19 & whenever the living creatures went, the wheels went beside them; & whenever the living creatures were lifted up above the earth, the wheels were lifted up also.

    20 Wherever the Spirit was to go, they went-wherever the Spirit was to go. & the wheels were lifted up alongside them, for the Spirit of the living creature was in the wheel.

    ‘The wheels follow the creatures(v 19,21), & the creatures follow the Spirit, but the Spirit is in the wheel……Christ is the hub & the church is the rim. He is one with us (1Cor 6:17)…contrary to the concept..that we need to wait until the Lord moves…The Lord has been waiting for nearly 2,000 years. One day when we meet the Lord we may say, “Lord, we followed You,” but the Lord may say, “No, I followed you.”

    Lord grant us the eyes to see & the confidence, assurance & faith to go on boldly for Your move!



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    for the wheel to go on moving we the church must have to take Christ as the hub, then we must be faithfull to cooperate the Lord in His work on earth. Lord Jesus by enjoying You each day, we see clearly Your divine administration, Your rulling as the wheel into our inner being. cause us a spirit of boldness to cooperate Your Move in all the function in the church with action. we need You o Lord Jesus..

  • tae wook Kye

    We need to move on boldly in coordination with the Body, and the great wheel of the move of God’s economy will follow us. We need to move and go to the uttermost parts of the earth, starting with taking Europe for the Lord, and the Lord will follow us in our move! Amen! Oh Lord Jesus! We want to move with the Lord on the earth for the great wheel of the move of God’s economy. we here for for the God's economy. Amen!

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