the world situation and God’s move: Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites! (2011 Poland camp)

the world situation and God's move: Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites! (2011 Poland camp)I have been wanting to go this conference since I was 14(which was 6 years ago). It was a dream come true and I am so thankful that the Lord opened a way for me to go. I was also re-baptized! This year’s topic was the Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy portrayed in Exodus. The Book of Exodus begins negatively –with the children of Israel in a situation of slavery in Egypt under Satan’s usurpation. Actually, this is very much similar to the world which we live in today, except it is much worse today. God wants to cause the children of Israel to hate Egypt through the bringing in of the ten plagues  In the first meeting of the conference, Brother Tom Goetz began by telling the young people,

We’re not here to tell you to leave the world but we would like to present you a picture of how dreadful this world is, and we pray that the Lord could open your eyes to see the real situation of this world.

The conference began with a “depressing message” and, actually, all the messages were like that – not on a very “positive note”. But it was the 10 plagues that the Lord used to show the children of Israel the real situation of Egypt so that they would be disgusted with Egypt. I have never seen the 10 plagues being portrayed in this way. Every plague revealed how evil and unclean this world is. God said to Pharaoh, “let My people go”! and because Pharaoh didn’t want to, He sent forth these plagues.

God hates the world – more than He hates sin. Our love for the world offends His holiness. We need a clear vision of Satan’s tactics in his dealing with God’s people to not let them go. On the third day of the conference we had a special fellowship meeting on, the world situation and God’s move. That message was the strongest and deepest message of all the speaking in this Poland conference. Brother Tom wrote on the board the entire history of the Lord’s recovery and through that he showed us how each time the Lord wants to raise something up, especially things like the Full Time Training, the enemy would come in and attack.

One of the things that impressed me was that he said when the first FTT center was built, it was destroyed immediately the next year in the World War II! Satan raised a world war just to take out the training center! That really opened my eyes. Then later Satan has been using rebellions in the church to try to ruin God’s will. But today Satan changed his strategy – instead of rebellions, he is using the boy-girl relationships among the young people, or very filthy stuff on the internet to contaminate the young people, so that there would not be a group of young people to be rise up and bring the Lord back!

It was such a strong and straightforward word – and in that meeting it was my first time to experience that there’s a battle, a real warfare going on. We just needed so much prayer and grace. After that message, all of the young people were very exposed, and a lot of them went back to the room and cried. But the next day – praise the Lord! – the message was about the Passover – the power of the blood of Christ, which cleanses all sin away. This was the first and only happy message in the whole conference. After that meeting, so many young ones ran up to the mic and shared that

Yesterday after the message I thought this is over, I’ve committed so many sins and I can’t be useful for the Lord … and its just all over. But – wow, thank You Lord for this message! I just found out that His blood saved me! I can still be a useful vessel for the Lord! I can’t wait to go back to my hometown and tell all my friends! I didn’t realized how important I am for the Lord’s recovery! I live in Europe, this is where everything is going to happen – I need to stand for the Lord

It was so wonderful to hear these testimonies! I was very touched…. The Lord really broke through in that message…

At the end of the conference, brother Tom used the term dispensational instrument, which is a person or persons whom God uses to change the age. In every age, God wants to do something, but the question is, is there a man ready? He used the example of Moses, how he was first educated in all the knowledge of Egypt until the age of 40 and he thought he was ready – but the Lord did not use him right then. He took him out to the wilderness, in the middle of nothing for another 40 years. Moses wasn’t really used by the Lord until the age of 80.

This not only just shows that our God is a patient God – He is very particular, He wouldn’t just use anybody: He needs a people who would cooperate with Him and be trained by Him. We concluded the conference by singing the Nazarite song again and again,

When God wants to move,
He must gain an instrument,
Overcomers separated from the current age!
They love not themselves,
But a willing sacrifice…
Make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites.
Make us those through whom You’d close this age!
Who are one with You to bring the kingdom in:
Young people absolute for Your move.

[sharing from the recent Poland Conference for the Young People by sister Joann W(USA) from her top enjoyment as a young serving ones at the camp; become a fan on Facebook for more updates and sharings]

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